One aspect of our wonderful state of Maine, is the wide range of weather it throws at us. Whether it be the beating sun on a beautiful summer day, to a week of negative temperatures in our frigid winters. Throw in our body’s need to be comfortable and we find great use in our Air Conditioning and Heating systems in our cars.

You do spend a portion of your day in your vehicle, whether you have a quick five minute drive, or a long commute to work, it’s important that your A/C or heating system is functioning properly.

Have you noticed your air conditioning not blowing as cold as it used to? You might have a system leak, or simply might need a recharge.

With an A/C service, we will evacuate your R-134A Freon to determine if the system is at full capacity or not. We will then add a synthetic lube and dye to the compressor, to ensure we can find any leaks that might be present in the system. We then will recharge the system and top it off.

You might find on a cold day, your car’s engine warms up, but not the inside of your car. We can help diagnose those heating issues whatever they might be.

A/C and Heating services offered:

• Heating & Cooling System Diagnostics

• Auto Air Conditioning Repair & Service

• Heating System Repair & Service

• Belt Repair & Replacement

• Compressor Repair & Replacement

• Evaporator Repair & Replacement