electrical diagnosis and service

Your vehicle’s electrical system could be compared to the human body’s nervous system. It sends signals to different areas of the car to ensure everything is running properly. Without a properly functioning electrical system, your sensors cannot receive or send back a voltage signal to the computer. You wouldn’t even have spark to ignite the engine!

With dealer-level diagnostic tools and expertise, our technicians can perform many computer and electrical system diagnostics. While specializing in European vehicles, we do electrical diagnostics on all makes and models.

Electrical Services Offered:

• Warning Light Diagnostic (Check Engine Light, ABS Light, SRS Light, and more)

• No Start Diagnostics/Driveability Diagnostics

• Power Systems Repair or Replacement (Locks, Antennas, Sunroofs, Windows, Convertible Tops, and more)

• Software Updates

• Programming

• Battery Replacement and Service

• Electrical and/or Wiring Problems

• Hybrid Diagnostic

• Interior and Exterior bulb replacement