Engine Repair

We all hate that light, you know the one. The picture of the engine that illuminates when something is potentially wrong with your engine. It’s okay to feel worried, all lights have a purpose right? Sometimes it’s not even a light that comes on, but a concerning noise coming from the engine of your car. We are here to help alleviate those worries.

The Engine is the heart of the car, every rotation per minute is a beat per minute. The engine is what creates power and makes the car move. Just like a human heart, an engine requires proper maintenance, care and checkups. As a moving machine, an engine experiences normal wear and tear, and inevitably, problems will arise that require repair.

Engine problems can be caused by any number of variables. Sometimes they are easy to diagnose, or sometimes they take a little elbow grease and some diagnostic equipment. Whatever the need, we pride ourselves in our ASE Certified technicians to help get you back on the road.

Loaded and equipped with the latest diagnostic tools, we aim to properly diagnose and repair whatever issue your engine might have. We use high quality parts and components to ensure long lasting repairs.

Engine Repairs include the following:

• Air Intake Cleaning & Filter Changing

• Belt and Hose Replacement

• Cooling System Service

• Engine Head Gasket Repair

• Engine Replacement

• Engine Performance Checks

• Drivability Diagnostics and Repair

• Ignition System Repair and Maintenance

• Fuel Injection Repair including cleaning and service

• Direct Injection Cleaning

• Power Steering System Repairs including a fluid exchange service

• EVAP System Service and Repair 

• TDI Diesel Repair

• Timing Belt and Water Pump Replacement

• Light Diesel Repair

and much more!

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