Muffler and exhaust repair

Your car’s exhaust system works to keep fumes where they belong: outside the vehicle and away from you and your passengers. Your exhaust also helps to clean and filter out dangerous chemicals and fumes that may enter the atmosphere. A broken, leaking or rusted exhaust system may allow these dangerous fumes to enter the vehicle, or go into the air we breathe. A broken system may also cause unwanted exhaust noise.

Bring your car in today and let us return your exhaust system to factory condition.

Services Performed: 

• Oxygen Sensor Replacement 

• Full Exhaust System Replacement including:
– Exhaust Manifolds, Intermediate Pipes, Catalytic converters

Maybe your not looking for factory condition. You might have a street rod? Classic Car? Something that you want to have that perfect exhaust note on?

Our team will be able to help you reach that note and beyond! We make custom exhausts for anything from old muscle cars to new trucks.

Please call or stop by for a quote!