Full Service Oil Changes

Motor oil is an essential lubricant in an engine. It’s main function is to lubricate the moving parts of your engine, as well as cleaning your engine, inhibiting corrosion, and cooling the internal parts of the engine by carrying heat away.

Over time, oil breaks down and loses it’s lubricating properties, causing premature or even excessive engine wear. Dirt and other contaminants may build up in both the oil, and filter itself, creating sludge.

Failure to keep up with recommended oil service intervals provided by either the manufacturer, or the oil type that was used, may cause your engine to work harder, and possibly causing the “worst nightmare” of engine failure.

Offering Full Synthetic, Semi-Synthetic and Conventional oil, we can help keep any and all engines running at their true potential.

With all our oil changes, we also perform a 24 point vehicle inspection, in which our technicians do a quick look-over of major components, systems and fluids to let you know if your vehicle needs any repairs done, or if any future repairs are on the horizon.

With our oil changes, our technicians will also lubricate any chassis components, as well as ensure you leave with the correct air pressures in your tires.

We currently use Castrol Edge Full Synthetic Oil, as well as Chevron Conventional Oil, but we can put any oil in your vehicle upon request.