Other services

Alongside our normal vehicle repair services, we also offer a few services to you, our customers.

• Loaner Vehicles – If you need a vehicle while your car is in the shop, or we need to keep you vehicle for an extended period of time, we have loaner vehicles available for use. We do charge $30 a day for the use of our loaners, but having the piece of mind that you may still go about your daily activities is always a great thing.

• Pick Up & Drop Off/Shuttle Service is available to those who need to get to work, home, or to our shop in general with our shuttle service.

Whether you’re a company or an emergency vehicle service, you might have a lot of vehicles that need to be serviced on a regular basis. If you are looking for a friend in the automotive repair business, you may have one with us. We understand that the critical need for your business to have your fleet vehicles on the road in safe, functioning order.

With a fantastic knowledgeable staff, up-to-date repair equipment, and a service based on honesty and integrity, we will strive to keep your fleet vehicles in peak operating condition.

We offer priority service to our fleet members when their needs arise, so that we can quickly get your vehicles back on the road. We also offer shuttle services for your staff and fleet vehicles if those services are needed. 

We also offer the benefit of letting your employees use the same discounted fleet rate benefits on their personal vehicles, to thank you and them for your business.

Once we have determined your needs and desires for fleet vehicle maintenance, we can tailor fit a service program that best meets your goals.

No one wants to buy a car that is smoke and mirrors. You know the ones; they look great on the inside and outside, but deep down there are repairs that might be needed, that you can’t see just by looking at the vehicle on the ground.

Our technicians can help alleviate this potentially painful experience by doing an extensive vehicle inspection, searching for TSB’s, and identifying any potential problems with the vehicle. We will also note any problems that will need to be repaired if the vehicle were to need a State Inspection.

With this knowledge, it will help you determine if the vehicle is the right purchase for you, and you may even be able to use this knowledge to negotiate a better purchase price!

We live in Maine, and with our beautiful state comes a few months of cold, harsh snowy weather. As an automotive repair shop, we know cars. We also know, that your car has to make it through the winter.

At Rawcliffe’s, we offer a winterization service which includes two basic procedures. The first, is an oil change. Good clean oil protects your engine better in the cold winter months than older, used oil.

The second part, is a comprehensive vehicle inspection. We test components such as the battery, to ensure it has the power to start the car on those -10 degree days. We test the cooling system and heating output.

Some vehicles that use direct-injection have heavy carbon build up on the intake valves. The carbon comes from hot crankcase oil vapors as they are being burnt by the engine. The carbon then builds up as the fuel injectors are located directly in the cylinders instead of the air intake, and fuel does not wash the carbon off the valves. When this carbon builds up, it can create sluggish engine performance, misfires and more as valve performance decreases.

Our walnut blasting services helps to alleviate these problems, by blasting a fine walnut shell mixture into the intake system, to help clean and polish the valves, and restore them to almost new condition.

We can walnut blast just about any direct injected engine as needed, however, some vehicle manufacturers recommend replacing the cylinder heads if carbon build up becomes an issue.

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