Keep Your Car In Line

Keep Your Car In Line

Your source for auto alignment services in Hampden, ME

Scheduling alignment services is an inevitable part of car ownership. Over time, one or more of your wheels may lean in an opposite direction. This not only compromises your safety, but others on the road.

Let the mechanics at Rawcliffe's Service Center, Inc handle your auto alignment service. Set up your appointment in Hampden, ME today.

Do you need an alignment?

Does your steering wheel shake and veer off to one side while driving? Do you find yourself struggling to drive in a straight line? If so, you may need alignment services. Adjusting your tires not only keeps them well-maintained, but it also guarantees a smoother ride and better gas mileage.

In addition to auto alignment service, we provide rim repairs. This is essential if you drive over potholes and other rough terrain found in Hampden, ME. Call 207-945-2916 today to schedule your appointment.